Veteran businessman Anand Mahindra has decided to help Ashish (2020)

Anand Mahindra decided to help Ashish. You must have read the story of a father who used to travel 105km away to make his son pass the exam. This news was published some days ago.

A man in Madhya Pradesh of India used to travel 105 km by his cycle so that his son can appear in the examinations.

All the people appreciated this man for his efforts.

 Anand Mahindra:

Now, businessman Anand Mahindra has decided that he will help them for further study.

Actually, some days ago a story becomes viral that a poor man in Madhya Pradesh traveled 105km on cycle to drop his son ‘Ashish’ for his examinations.

Anand Mahindra has decided to give financial help to Ashish for study.

The photo and story of this person were trending on social media for the last some days. This man belongs to the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.

Social media users appreciated this man for his efforts. Now, veteran businessman Anand Mahindra has decided to help him.

Anand Mahindra said that he will bear all the expenses of studying for his son.

Anand Mahindra tweeted on his official account today. he said that he wants to help the heroic parent. these persons are the inspiration for the nation.

anand mahindra

Anand Mahindra posted a tweet on twitter and said salute to this father who is trying to make his son’s future golden.

The country really needs such persons. He said that such dreams always advance country development.

Mr. Mahindra stated that his team will bear all the expenses of Ashish’s study. He also requested the media to contact the family of Ashish.

The veteran businessman appreciated Ashish’s father and said he is a heroic parent. Such people are aspirations for the nation.

He is building the future of his son. Anand Mahindra has a foundation naming @MahindraRise. The story of this man is a rising story.

MahindraRise foundation is ready to bear all the expenses of Ashish’s study.

MahindraRise is a charity organization of the Mahindra group which helps people financially who deserve this.

Ashish and his father:

Mr. Shobharam is the father of Ashish. Ashish studies in the 10th class. His examination center is 105km away from. Ashish Father is labor but his efforts are unbelievable.

He cycled 105km to drop his son at the exam center at the right time. Shobharam belongs to the Byedipur village of Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh.

His son got supplementary in his 10th examination. In Dhar district, only one examination center was allotted for the conduction of supplementary examinations.

But the examination center is about 105km away from Byedipur village. Due to the COVID-19 transportation System like buses do not run.

Shobharam is labor; he could not afford any private vehicle. So he decided that he would travel the distance. The supplementary examination was very necessary for Ashish.



This real story of Shobharam became viral on social media and also in the newspapers. People appreciated this person how his man is trying to build his sons’ future even if he does not have all the resources.

But now, Anand Mahindra comes forward to help this family. He will bear the expenses of Ashish’s study. Students like Ashish and parents like Shobharam are an inspiration for the country.

Anand Mahindra has requested to the media reporters to contact this family and to help them.

Ashish studies in 10th class but unfortunately, he failed in one exam. This financial help of Anand Mahindra will surely help Ashish to complete his studies without any problem.


Anand Mahindra always remains in headlines for supporting people. He is a veteran businessman and a good person by nature.

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