US Election Updates 2020: Biden leads the race to White House

After the end of the US election, the counting of votes is going on. It will be very interesting to see the result of this election. Donald Trump is looking very confident and he said to his supporters, “We have won this election.” Read this post to get US Election Updates 2020. Biden is leading but Trump is also sure for his victory. It will be very interesting to show the result of the US public. Will Joe Biden be the next President of the US or US public give another chance to Donald Trump.

US Election Updates 2020:

The results of some states have been announced. Both candidates are having a good competition. However, Joe Biden is leading according to the trend. Trump has already defeated Joe Biden in Florida and Texas. After some time, the name of the new President of the US will be clarified. However, the competition is very tough and Bidden is leading with a very small margin. Bidden has won in a total of 18 states till now.

The interesting fact is that Hilary Quilton had also won the states where Bidden has defeated Trump. Bidden has won the Washington DC state also. The candidate has to win at least 270 electorates to win this election. At present Biden is leading this race by 238 electorates while Trump has won only 213. However, it is not clarified till now but Joe Biden can be the next President of The US.

The survey shows Biden can be the new President of the US but the competition is very tough. After some time, the final result will be announced.  The Republican candidate Trump is looking very confident and he said his supports to cheer. The failure of Corona can be the main factor of the US election result.

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