New research prove the social distancing rule of bats

The new research of scientists shows a very interesting fact of social distancing of bats . The team of scientists tested and observed that the vampire bats also follow social distancing. This is a very shocking report of fact about bats in the new research of the scientists.

The new research shows that when a vampire bat falls sick, they maintain social distancing to prevent themselves.

This is a message for people to maintain social distancing. After the spreading of coronavirus and COVID19, the health authorities and the governments are appealing for social distancing.

But people do not follow the guidelines of WHO and health authorities. But the vampire bats have already an awareness of this matter as they follow the social distancing.

Research shows social distancing of bats:

This is a very shocking fact, but the new research of the scientists shows and proves this. The team of researchers gave bats a substance to eat. The substance contained some ingredients which made vampire bats very sick.

When the affected bat reached its group, its group mates started to maintain a gap from the affected bat. The team of researchers tracked the bats by transmitter and backpack computers. According to the data collected by the scientists, the healthy bats do not associate with the sick or ill bat in their group.

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Social distancing can reduce the risk of spreading COVID19, not only covid19 but social distancing reduces the chances of transmission of viruses and germs. This report was published in the Behavioral Ecology journal also.

The covid19 vaccine is not manufactured yet, that’s why social distancing and mask are the only ways to prevent us from coronavirus. However, according to the vaccine manufacturers, the vaccine will be available by end of this year.

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