Royal Rumble 2021

Royal Rumble 2021 Result: Watch full Royal Rumble free

WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Famous superstar Edge and Bianca Blair has won the 34th royal rumble WWE. Edge won the royal rumble for 2nd time in his career. The 34th edition of the WWE royal rumble was very interesting there were also some shocking fights also. Royal rumble 2021 was held on Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida, United States. Bianca Blair won the 1st royal rumble of her career. Now, both superstars have the opportunity to challenge their favorite championship in WrestleMania.  Edge started the Royal Rumble 34th with 1st positions and Bianca Blair with 3rd entry. Read this post to get all information about Royal Rumble 2021.

Royal Rumble 2021 summary:

WWE Championship 2021:

The Goldberg challenged Drew Macintyre for the WWE championship but lost his match and Drew Mcintyre retained his belt. Both the superstars played very well but McIntyre’s moves very more impressive than Goldberg’s sphere.

WWE Universal Championship 2021:

The most awaited match of 2021 was between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal championship. Roman Reigns won and defended his Universal championship against Kevin Owens in no disqualification match. Both the superstar got serious injuries but Kevin Owens lost his match.

WWE Tag Team Championship 2021:

Nai Jax and Shayna Baszler became the 2nd time women’s tag team champions. The 34th edition of Royal Rumble was not lucky for Charlotte Flair as she got eliminated at the last 3rd position and also lost her tag team championship.

Famous superstar and legend killer Randy Orton got injured during the match and was forced to leave the match for treatment. However, he came back and got eliminated by Edge in the last position. Randy was the 2nd superstar to enter the ring. He lost his opportunity to win WWE Royal Rumble for 3rd time. Only Steve Austin has won the royal rumble 3 times.

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