Khaali Peeli teaser (2020) review

The Khaali Peeli teaser has been launched today. The trailer of Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Pandey starer movie ‘Khan Peeli’ has been released today.

The teaser of Khaali Peeli movie was released today on youtube at nearly 10 am. The teaser of the movie is trending on #5 on youtube. This Khaali Peeli’ trailer has crossed  4.7 lakh views till now on youtube. 

‘Khaali Peeli’ teaser is trending on youtube but its main reason for trending is its dislikes. This video has got 1.6 lakh dislikes and only 25k likes.

Khaali Peeli teaser:

This teaser was released on the official channel of Zee studios. Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter have worked first time together in Khaali Peeli movie. But the audience is not appreciating their work.

The Khaali Peeli teaser has got nearly 15k comments till now. However, most comments are negative reviews about this movie and the acting of Ananya Pandey.

khaali peeli teaser

The time duration of this teaser is 1 minute. This movie is directed by Maqbool Khan.

This movie indicated the love story of 2 youngsters. It’s the first time when Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter have worked together in any movie.

Its producer said that this movie is totally based on desi entertainment and it would entertain the audience a lot.

But the reviews of Khaali Peeli movie are opposite to what the makers said.


Khaali Peeli story:

The story of this movie is about two youngsters who fall in love with each other. The characters in this movie are from Mumbai we can feel the Bambaiya language touch in the Khaali Peeli teaser.

Ananya Pandey’s acting has disappointed the audience. However, the trailer and full movie have to come yet but the teaser is disliked by all the audience.

One of the main reasons for the dislikes of the Khaali Peeli movie is  #boycottstarkids movies.

Users on social media have decided that they would not like and watch the movies of star kids. Social media users say that star kids do not have any talent.

They just get fame and work form the name of their parents.

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, people started trolling the star kids on social media. Pooja Bhatt has even filed complaints about the threats.

Khaali Peeli Dislikes:

The trailer of Alia Bhatt’s movie Sadak2 got more than 11million dislikes on youtube. This trailer is the most disliked video on social media platform youtube.

People are doing the same with the Khaali Peeli teaser. This 1-minute teaser has got 1.6 lakh dislikes till now.

Driksa K:

The one another person who is trending on youtube is Driksa k. This account has posted a comment on the Khaali Peeli teaser comment section.

Her comment is also pinned by Zee studios. This user commented that “We shouldn’t spread negativity if both the actors have done such a good job.

This teaser looks quite promising and is really looking forward to its release. We should let the story and the acting speak louder than anything”

This comment has got 1.5 k likes till now. People are saying that this is the probably the fake account of Ananya Pandey. Because this comment is pinned by  Zee studios.


Ananya Pandey struggle:

However, it is not the first time that Ananya Pandey in trolled and disliked by the audience. Social media users started trolling her after an interview.

khaali peeli teaser

In that interview, Ananya Pandey said that she have struggled a lot. Her line is the meme materials for social media meme pages.

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