Best instagram story ideas 2021

Best Instagram Story Ideas 2021

Read this post if you want to get some simple but attractive best Instagram story ideas. Instagram stories can help you to generate organic followers, if you are a business holder and want to promote your business, then Instagram stories can help you to reach your customers.

In this post, you are going to learn some fascinating Instagram story ideas and tricks. So, read this post properly.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram offers you to post 15 seconds long videos, music, any text, etc. Besides reels, photos, IGTV, Instagram stories are also unique features of Instagram. Instagram stories are super cool and with updates, Instagram is trying to make stories more fun! Instagram stories are not used to show your selfie or your video, you can use stories to make strategies for your business.

I bet you, you are think Whys should we upload instagram stories instead of posts to reach more customer?

by using IG stories, you can provide a fresh and exciting content to your audience, you can be straight forward to your content.

So, let’s have a look at the best Instagram story ideas for 2021:


Firstly, you have to ask some questions to yourself:

  • Why your customers should like/trust you?
  • What’s your target audience?
  • What services you are offering to your audience?
  • What issues with the bad products you are gonna solve?
  • Why people prefer you upon their old services?

So, it is clear, you have to introduce your brand to your audience and have to show your services/ products to your audience. If you upload a photo or video regarding your business or brand, your audience will start to avoid your Instagram account. So, try to introduce your new product with the help of stories, if you make a big update or a big change in your product, you should use a post. But for introducing small changes, use Instagram stories. Show the best features of your products to your audience. not only the best features, try to compare your products with your competitor’s products. If you do this, your followers will be forced to think, i need your product. Remember, small changes can make a big difference.

You can use text, templates, photos, videos to introduce your business. Never use low quality photo or videos.

2.Ask a question:

The best way to make your brand successful is to analyze your audience. Before making any change, try to analyze what your audience wants and what are you offering them. Market research has become very easy with the help of social media. By using the ask me anything sticker of Instagram, you can directly interact with your audience. People are always eager to tell what they want, they just need a person who can ask them! So, using this Instagram sticker, you can know what your audience wants. Not only question, but you can also get reviews of your products by using this sticker.

image credit: @nikki._.bella_fan(instagram)


By using a polls sticker, you can create an engaging cont5ent for your audience. You can make a comparison between your 2 products and use the polls feature to know what your audience likes most about your service.

Try to make polls strory using a template to grab attentions of your followers.

You can check templates here!

4.Show Behind the scenes:

People are always curious to know how things happen or how you create the products! So, if you post and let people show the behind-the-scenes of your videos, your followers will engage with you.


By shoutouts, you can build your own social media community. Promote the accounts of your followers and they will promote your account in return. It makes you able to grow your social media community. Shoutouts help you to take a break from your content. If you work with an influencer, then people see some new taste in your Instagram profile. So take a break from your stories and try to promote other’s accounts.

6.New post feature:

This sticker helps you to announce your new post. New post sticker hides your post and it make your followers curious. When your followers click on this sticker, they will be redirected to your new post and it also helps you to increase convertion rate.

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7.Story highlights:

As we all know, the duration of Instagram stories is just 24 hours. After 24 hours, your IG story gets disappears. But you can save your story on your profile by using the story highlight feature. But highlight the story wisely, you don’t have to highlight every story which you post even it is attractive. Highlight the stories which describe your brand/ profile, any story which shows your achievements. The main story highlight feature is- when a new user visits your profile, he/she get an idea of your content.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How to put story of streak on updated snapchat?

Ans: You can add streak on snapchat by taking a screen shot.

Is it possible to hide story in snapchat?

Ans: Yes, you can hide story in snapchat> setting> who can view your story.

How to remove chat history in snapchat?

Ans: Tap the setting button> scroll down and select clear conversation option> select the user.

How to upload drop your name story in instagram?

Ans: Select the ask me anything sticker> rename its title with drop your name.

How to get extra views to instagram story?

Ans: You can get extra views on instagram by usinf hahstag or mention a celebrity in your instagram story.

I have tagged a person in my snapchat story but she doesN’T added me back, why?

Ans: Tagging a person in your snapchat story doesnt mean that he/she will add you back.

Can a person know if a stranger viewed their Snapchat story on the SNAP map?

Ans: Yes, but that person will get a separate data if a person view his/her story by snap map.

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