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Best ways to increase Instagram followers (organically) 2021

In this post, you will learn the 15 best ways to increase your Instagram followers organically. Growing an Instagram is not easy as people think but it is not so hard too. You have to use some tricks to increase your Instagram followers. Instagram is the most popular social media platform and it is the first choice of today’s generation. we spend most of the time on Instagram enjoying funny and interesting content. But we also try to increase our followers because having a large number of followers make our profile attractive and more popular.

In the virtual world of social media, we always want to gain more followers. There are thousands of website on the internet which provide you tricks and tips to increase your Instagram followers. But sometimes those methods do not work. some website helps you to increase free Instagram followers. But getting organic followers is a Lil bit difficult. In this post, we are going to tell you the 10 best methods to increase your Instagram followers organically. So, lets get started:

Follow For Follow Back:

This is the best and easiest way to increase your Instagram followers. Here, we are not talking about #followforfollowback or #follow4followback. In his trick, you have to follow the accounts and they will follow you back. By using this method or trick, you can increase 1000+ followers in just a week. But your following will also increase in this method. This is the worst part of this method. But you can reduce your following by unfollowing users. By using this method, I have gained 10 k followers. Now you can think about how efficient this method is.

Using hashtags:

This is the 2nd most efficient method to gain Instagram followers organically. Using relevant hashtags can boost your Instagram posts. Hashtags can make your posts available on the explore page of Instagram. If your posts are attractive then Instagram users will follow your account. There are millions of hashtags on Instagram but you have to use relevant hashtags according to your posts. Here are some evergreen hashtags which you can always use with your posts: #followforfollowback: This is the most popular and most used hashtags on Instagram. #likeForLike: this is also one of the most used hashtags on Instagram. You can find these hashtags on every 2nd or 3rd post on Instagram. Now, you can imagine how popular these hashtags are.

Using engaging content:

Posts and quality of posts is always the most important factor to increase your Instagram followers. The users are attracted by your content. If you post photos and videos in high quality then you have more chances to get followers.

Optimize your Instagram account:

Optimization means give your account an elegant and unique look. Try to build your Instagram bio with different kinds of font. But, do not try to add cake murder, first cry, attitude boy/girl, etc in your bio. These word and sentences can ruin your entire bio. Just try to keep your Instagram bio simple.

You can add some quotes or your nationality or anything which describes you better, like if you are a sportsperson, then you can add something about your sports and achievements. But don’t forget to change the fonts. There are various tools available to change the fonts of your text and give your IG bio a decent look. Here are some font changer tools which can help you to change your fonts.

Post Videos instead of photos:

If you post a video on your account instead of photos then, you have more chances to get organic followers. Instagram algorithm promotes videos more than photos. So, try to upload videos, reel, IGTV to get more followers. Instagram reels are the best option to get free Instagram followers organically.

Post regularly to increase Instagram followers:

The schedule of posting also helps you to make appear you on the explore page of Instagram. If you observe carefully, you will notice that the meme pages and all other popular Instagram pages posts regular. The regular posting helps you to get more number of likes. The likes many times convert into your followers if they like your content. If you don’t have time to post regularly, then you don’t have to worry. There are hundreds of apps available which helps you to schedule your post in advance. By using these apps, you just have to add your posts there and adjust your time. On the desired day/date, your posts will be automatically posted on your account.

Make your Instagram feed attractive:

Yes, you can also make your Instagram feed different from other users. You have to arrange your posts in a regular manner. To make your feed attractive and unique, you have to add a border to your posts before posting. To add or increase a border, you can use the picsart app. The white border gives a decent look to your profile. Here are two different profiles; you can see the difference clearly.

image credit @theshreeyaa(instagram)

Another interesting way to make your Instagram feed unique is to change the color of your photos. If you post all your photos in a black and white manner, then it gives you an attractive look instead of a regular look. Not only black and white, but you can also choose your desired colors to make your feed interesting.

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Avoid fake Instagram followers and likes:

This is the most common mistake many Instagram users do in try to increase their followers and likes. There are hundreds of websites that offer you fake followers. Sometimes you have to buy and sometimes you get free followers. But the Instagram algorithm does not support fake followers and fake likes. If you buy or add fake followers from any third-party source like websites or apps, Instagram will start to downgrade your account. Your posts will not appear on explore page even you use hashtags or any other legal method. So, be smart and avoid fake likes. The other worst thing with fake followers is that they unfollow you after some time. We are not sure about paid followers but the free followers offered by the website unfollow you in some days.

Post engaging stories to increase Instagram followers:

Yes, the stories also help you to get organic followers. When we think about Instagram stories, the first thing which comes in our mind is music videos or our photo with Instagram music. Most Instagram users only use the only feature “music”. But there are hundreds of other features available on Instagram. You can other engaging sticker stories like a poll, ask me a question, suggestion, etc. According to a survey the accounts which post questions or suggestion to their stories have high conversion rate with their followers. Don’t forget to add hashtags to your Instagram stories.

Image credit- Instagram

Promote your Instagram account:

You can promote your Instagram account on various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, websites; you tube videos, paid promotions, etc. By promoting your Instagram account you will reach more number of users which can follow you.

image credit @anji_maxu_official(instagram)

Follow the celebrities:

It is very easy to spot the celebrities on Instagram. Yes you are thinking right; we are talking about their blue tag/ blue tick. If you follow more number of blue tick holder celebrities, then Instagram promote your account i.e. your account will come in suggestion with more number of users.

Use local location:

If you use correct location, then there are higher chances to get interacted with the local Instagram users. We use the location of other countries like USA, Australia, Canada, etc in hope that foreign users will follow us. But how can they follow you when they even do not know you! So, we recommend you to use local location so that you can interact with the local users.

Make groups on Instagram:

We strongly recommend you this method as this method can increase your Instagram followers up to 200 an hour. With our personal experience, we have seen and also participated in these contests. In this method, you have to create an Instagram group and have to add your 10 followers or you can add micro-influencers there. You have to keep a condition to the users that every user will add 10 more users to that group and you have to follow and follow back each other. But do not use this method for more than 1hour a day. You have to use this method only once a day otherwise you will face the problem of action block.

The first thing you have to keep in your mind is that do not make your instagram accout priivate. If you have a public account then there are more chances to get organic followers.

The above tips will help you to get Instagram followers. You can also see different methods on internet to increase Instagram followers organically, but there is no use of those methods. Those tricks are used to grow Instagram business account not personal Instagram accounts.

Hope this post is helpful. Let us know by commenting if you want more posts of these kinds. Stay connected with newssocial to know more about social media.

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