Grow Partner 2021: Join now to earn ₹10000+ per month

Hello Friends, DK Bhiwani this Side. In this article, I will give you full details & review on Grow Partner Affiliate Program & I will also tell you that you should buy the program or not.

Ans. GrowPartner Is An Indian Affiliate Platform Which offers the most premium courses in Affiliate and Digital Marketing with Business Basics to help anyone become an Affiliate Marketer.

Que. Is Grow Partner Legal Or Scam?
Ans. Grow Partner Is A 💯% Legal Platform. U Can Also Check It On Google.

CIN No. – U74994MH2020PTC340247
Registered No. – 340247

Que. Who Is The Owner Of Grow Partner?
Ans. This company was started by Dhanraj Dhanokar he is a Pro affiliate and internet marketer.

  • GrowPartner is home for affiliates with the best affiliate programs from all around the world with high commissions and easy payouts.

Grow partner Plans:

So, Basically, there are three plans°
1. Beginner 2. Advance 3. Professional

1. Beginners Plan

Price:- Rs.1600/-

Commission :- Rs.1000/- (Direct Sell)

Course – Marketing Fundamentals

70% Commission On Each Referral

2-UP Commission

Learning & Business

1 Week Premium Training


One Page Profile

Telegram Channel

2. Advance Plan

Price:- Rs.4600/-

Commission :- Rs. 3000/- (Direct Sell)

Beginner Included

COURSE – Content Strategy

70% Commission on refer

Live Training Commission (30%)

Live Training / Workshop

2 /Week Premium Training


One Page Profile

Canva Premium For 1 Year

Telegram Group

3. Professional Plan

Price:- Rs.8600/-

Commission:- Rs.6000/-


COURSES – Social Media Marketing

70% Commission on refer

10% Team Incentives





Telegram Group

Commission Structure

newssocial- grow partner

So, if you will refer the beginner plan to someone and if he joins through you, you will get 1000rs commission, if you will refer the Advance plan to someone and if he joins through you, you will get 3000rs commission and if you will refer the professional plan to someone and if he joins through you, you will get 6000Rs commission. So, this was your active income.

2 Types Of Passive Income by Grow Partner:

I. There is also a passive income opportunity Suppose you are ‘A’ and you refer to ‘B’ now the second sale of ‘B’ will go to you. (means 2nd Sale Pass-Up)

II. Suppose You Have A Team Of 5 People. And They Earned Rs.10000/- in a weak. Then U Will Get a Commission Of 1000/- {Means 10% Commission From Company)

My Personal Opinion

According to me, the program is good because all the training will taken by industries expert so you are going to learn from experts only, I think if you are going for learning purpose this would be the best platform to you to get started.

If you are a beginner you should first take a beginner plan don’t go for an advanced one you can take it later and guys don’t expect too much earning from it, you should always first focus on learning according to me you are going to get very good learnings from this affiliate program.

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Regards – DK Bhiwani

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