Google Maps launched new feature to show busyness of location

Google Maps is now facilitating its user with new features. Now, Google Maps will also tell you how much a restaurant is busy. Not only restaurants, but you can also check many business places before visiting.

Read this post to get all information about this new feature of Google.

Google maps new feature:

This feature is very helpful for Google map users. with the help of these new features, users will check the crowd of the location and plan to visit or not. This feature is also available in google maps India.

Google already shows the traffic and busyness of a road. Tech giant  Google also has improved these features and updated it to show people at the business places.

Google launched this feature during a search event. According to Google sources, the Google map will inform you that the place is busier than usual and as busy as it gets.

This feature is very useful if you are going to visit a restaurant and other business places. This feature was introduced by Google at the event.

Both android and IOs users can check the crowd of a particular locating with the help of these features.

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Spelling errors improvement of Google:

During this event, Google also launched some other useful features. Some other tools are launched by the tech giants who can help to improve the spelling mistakes. The spelling mistake is the most common mistake most users do and they also report that auto-correct of google is not 100% some times. Google has improved this mistake also.

The new spelling algorithm ‘deep neural net’ of Google will help users to reduce spelling mistakes. Google also improved the speed and accuracy of spelling mistakes. With the help of a new algorithm, Google will found out the exact spelling within 3 mil seconds.

According to Google, this AI spelling assistant is the best improvement of google in the last 5 years in the field of spelling.

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