Gb Whatsapp features and specifications

GB Whatsapp review: how to download Gb whatsapp latest version

If you want to download Gb Whatsapp then you are on the right website. Read this post to get all information about Gb Whatsapp, its features and specification. The role of social media is increasing day by day in our today’s life.

What is GB Whatsapp:

Gb Whatsapp is a 3rd party mod version of WhatsApp. Although, it is not the official application of Facebook. But it has more features than the official WhatsApp app. GB WhatsApp is not available on the play store or app store.

Download this application using this link. But before downloading, we recommend you to read its advantages and disadvantages.

Features and specifications:

  • It offers you a lot of themes and customization.
  • You can freeze your online seen. However, last seen is also available but you can even hide your online seen.
  • User can see the deleted messages and media. If the users delete a message for everyone, then you can’t see that particular message. But GB allows you to see those messages even.
  • Hide blue tick or double tick. The GB users can increase their privacy by hiding a blue tick. The Gb user views the messages but the sender doesn’t have any blue tick on its side.
  • Hide status view. By using this application, users can hide the status seen.
  • This application user can directly copy the about lines of WhatsApp user.
  • DP wallpaper feature. If you are fond of using wallpapers in chatting then this application allows you to do so. By using this app, you will have the wallpaper of every contact while chatting to that particular contact.
  • Customization. By using this application, you can customize the fonts and themes. The iPhones WhatsApp themes are also available on this application.
  • Password and pattern. You can add extra safety to your WhatsApp by applying a password to your GB application.
  • Block voice and video calls. By using this application, you can select the desired contacts who can or who cant call you on Whatsapp.
  • Google translator. This application comes with the support of google translator. If you are chatting with a foreigner contact then it becomes very hard to understand their language. But by using this application, you have the feature of translation while chatting.
  • Separated contact and group chats. In this application, you will see 4 sections- chat, group, status, calls.


  • As we already said, this is not an official app. This is a 3rd party app and it can steal your mobiles data or affect the battery of your smartphone
  • No backup. This application does not allow you to backup your chats or media. If you uninstall your WhatsApp then there will be no backup available.
  • Too many updates. You have to keep your app up o date otherwise this application doesn’t work.
  • Your smartphones don’t allow you to install such 3rd party apps.

So, we have covered all the advantages and disadvantages of using Gb Whatsapp.

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How to download the latest version of Gb WhatsApp:

You can download this GB latest version using this link. There are many sites that allow you to download this app. You can download the app using the above link.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1: How many days GB WhatsApp store data?

Ans: This app doesn’t allow you to have a backup or store data on a drive.

Ques2: GB WhatsApp 12.00.3 How to change the font style?

Ans: You can change the font using GB setting> Themes and customization> fonts.

Ques3:Can GB WhatsApp runs on realme devices?

Ans: Yes, you can use this app on realme devices also. But you have changes some setting to download and install this app. Setting> Install unknown apps> allow.

Ques4:By using GB WhatsApp, Are there any possible ways to check other men Whatsapp messages?

Ans: No, you cant check anyone’s messages without his/her own permission. It is illegal also. We don’t recommend you use any application which interferes with someone’s privacy.




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