Farmer Protest Live 2021

Farmer Protest Live 2021: Republic Day Celebration gone wrong

New Delhi(Farmer Protest Live 2021): The 72nd Republic Day Celebration of India is in the headlines due to the farmer protest. The Farmers are protesting against the black laws for the last 3 months. But still, there is no solution to this protest. After the parade at Raj Path, the farmers waved the flag. This act of farmers is very weird and people starting trolling farmers on social media. The whole country was in the support of farmers till yesterday. But today, when the farmers waved the Khalsa flag on Red Fort, they lost the support of some peoples. This is disrespect of the Indian National Flag Tiranga. However, the farmers are facing problems due to these black laws and are protesting for the last 3 months peacefully. The Indian government has not found any solution. #farmerprotest is trending on #No1 position on Twitter.

Farmer Protest Live 2021:

On the other hand, #किसान_नहीं_गुंडे hashtag is also trending with other hashtags like #indianrepublicblackday. People are comparing farmers with Khalistanis due to their actions. But farmers have done everything in past to make govt agree to cancel these 3 black laws. This could be their final action. However, before today, the whole country was I support of farmers but due to this act, some people are showing their anger towards farmers. On social media, people are comparing farmers with terrorists. Disrespecting the national flag does not teach us the right way to protest. Some people have compared these Khalistan farmers with terrorists Kasab. People are saying that police and government should take strict action on them now. But farmers are forced to do that. Farmers are Food providers of the country. It would be interesting to see the next step of the government.

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