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Effect of social media on students during pandemic 2020

As we know, the whole world is facing a pandemic due to coronavirus. All the colleges and schools are shut down due to covid19. Let’s focus on the Effect of social media on students.

All the students have spent all their vacation at home during this pandemic. This coronavirus has disturbed the study of all the students.

Read this post to get complete information about the Effect of social media on students.

All the schools and universities and other all other education departments have started online classes to maintain consistency.

All the GDP and the economy of the countries have felled due to lockdown and corona. But some companies and other business have increased their productivity.

Effect of social media on students:

Let’s talk about the online streaming and social media platforms. Online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime videos have increased their business during these pandemic hours.

Effect of social media on students

People have spent all their holidays and vacations at home. This is the main reason for increasing subscriptions. Let’s look towards our today’s topic.

All social media companies and startups have also observed a huge increase in their database during these pandemic hours.

Mainly students have focused on social media during this pandemic. As a result, some students have increased their skills and some lost.

So today, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of social media on students.

Let’s start with the pros of social media:

As we all know, social media help us to connect with the world.  We have always heard that social media is a useless thing and it distract.

Mainly students have to avoid themselves from using social media. Social media distract the students from their study and all other aims and future goals.

We all have grown up by listening to this from our parents and relatives. But in today’s world, social media have changed totally.

All the news and other updates we get from social media these days. Imagine if there is no Facebook, you would not have got many news updates about the Sushant Singh Murder mystery. We are just giving you an example.

The memes on social media help people to understand the world more easily and more comfortably. Social media help students to get news updates as well as current affairs.

According to a report, people get more information through social media than news channels.


  • Social media help students to get the latest information about international politics.
  • Fake content sharing has been stopped on social media these days.
  • If a student wants to get the latest information about the entertainment and sports field, then social media is the best option.
  • Social media memes provide more valuable content than TV news channels.
  • If a student is preparing for a competition exam then we recommend social media because it provides the latest current affairs.
  • There are many talented people who have gained their popularity and fame just by social media.
  • Social media also help students to refresh their mind after long study time.

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Now, focus on the cons of social media:

  • Using social media sites for a long time really distract students from their study.
  • All the spasm and scams are spread through social media sites.
  • There are some other social media platforms that do not have any good content like Tiktok.
  • Social media sometimes is also responsible for leaking the privacy of users.

So, these are some cons and pros of social media on students. It is just depending on the users, how he/she uses it. If you use social media seriously and focus on the valuable content, then it provides you a golden chance.

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Frequently Asked Question:

What are some of the precautions we should take while creating passwords while using the various social media platforms?

Ans: Do not create the same password which you have used for your social media account.

rashmika mandanna ka kya chal rha h jo social media pr jada chal rhi h

Ans: She is a Bollywood actress. Rashmika’s photos are going viral these days.

How to see people any social media accounts with mobile number?

Ans: Various social media sites like Facebook allow you to search profiles by using phone numbers. But the user must have allowed everyone to search his/her profile by phone numbers.

Role of movie and media in addressing educational social problems?

Ans: Some times movies and media distract students from their studies. Students have to control themselves to focus on only the positive side of the movie and media.






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