Download Premium VPN free 2021: Best VPNs to use

If you are looking for the best premium VPNs free of cost, then you are on the right website. Read this post to know more about-Download Premium VPN free. These days, the use of the internet is the most important thing. People use a lot of apps and visit a lot of websites a day. But to prevent spam and government has banned many websites and applications. But people still want to use it.

To solve this problem, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best option. With the help of VPNs, users can use all the websites and applications. And its most amazing feature is that nobody can access your IP and location. VPNs provide you extra security and your privacy will be on the highest level. It becomes very hard to hack your account or device if you are using any VPN.

There are a lot of VPNs available on the play store, app store, apks, etc. But the most frustrating thing is the Speed of the VPN. After applying VPN, the speed of the internet decreases immediately. The 2nd most irritating factor is that VPNs are costly. There are many free VPNs also but their speed and limited countries’ IPs prevent us to use VPNs.

The VPNs which have good quality and high speed are costly. Nut don’t worry, here we will provide you download links of all premium VPNs free of cost. You can download these VPNs free. So, don’t worry about your privacy and security. Let’s get started and check Best free VPN 2021(Download Premium VPN free):

1.Nord VPN- Download Nord VPN free 2021:

Nord VPN is the most popular VPN. Let’s look at its features:

Download Premium VPN free
image credit-@nordvpn_disney_funimation_dz (Instagram)
  • Stay safe. Secure internet.
  • Protect your data. Strict no-logs policy. 
  • On any device. Use with ease: There is no limitation of the device or operating system.
  • On any device. Multiple devices.
  • Watch & download. Ultra-fast connection. 
  • Watch & download. Worldwide access. 
  • Watch & download. VPN servers everywhere. 
  • Watch & download. P2P welcome here.


1-month plan: $11.95 (one month plan)

1-year plan: $4.92 (per month)

2-year: $3.71(per month)

But you can check this website if you want to download NORD VPN free.


2. IPvanish: Download IPvanish free 2021:

Download Premium VPN free
image credit- @ipvanish(instagram)

Just look at its features and specifications:

  • Multi-Platform Protection.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption.
  • No Logs.
  • Anonymous Torrenting.
  • Unlimited P2P Traffic.
  • SOCKS5 Web Proxy.
  • Geo-Locked Content Access.

You can check this application if you want to use IPVanish VPN free of cost.

3. Express VPN: Download Express VPN free 2021

Download Premium VPN free
image credit-@expressvpn(instagram)

This VPN provides you 30 days money-back guarantee also. If you are not satisfied with its service or getting into any trouble then you can get your money back.

  • No activity logs. ExpressVPN does not see or record what websites you visit. Learn more.
  • Encrypt your data. Strong encryption protects your data and communication. Learn more.
  • Unblock websites. Access your favorite web services and defeat censorship. Learn more.

You can visit this website if you want to download express VPN free.



We do not recommend you to use such websites that publish illegal content or which are banned by the government. This article is just to introduce you to VPNs. Newssocial does not recommend you to download the copyright and paid tools free of cost. You have to download the apks and cracked version at your own risk


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