Covaxin 3rd phase trail propasal is under review

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences is going to submit the proposal to conduct trail of Corona vaccine, covaxin in the hospital to the Institute of ethics committee, India.

the Covaxin, corona vaccine ahs already got approval from drugs controller general of India to conduct the 3rd phase trail on Covid19 patient. Now, AIIMS is going to submit the prosal to the Institute of ethics committee, India.

If they got the approval, then 3rd phase trail of covaxin will be conducted. Dr Sanjay Rai have confirmed that they will send a proposal for the 3rd phase trail of this corona vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech.

Dr Sanjay Rai is professor, department of community medicine, AIIMS Delhi and also the Principal investigator of covaxin trails at hospitals.

The corona vaccine of Bharat Biotrch has successfully passed the 1st 2 trails and it is showing positive results. But it is mandatory to get approval of institute ethics committee, India. The institute ethics committee , India will observe the results and effect of this vaccine.

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If the vaccine shows positive results and if it is effective, then the 3rd phase of this vaccine will start soon in the hospitals.

How much time for Covaxin approval:

However, it takes time to get approval of institute ethics committee. For the 1 and 2 phase trails, it take about 18-19 days to get approval. The team have to send proposal of about 200-300 pages to institute ethics committee.

Bharat Biotech’s covaxin has already got approval of ¬†national drugs controller for the 3rd phase. They submitted application on 2nd october and they got approval on 22 october. As per the data provided by Bharat Biotech, the vaccine will be tested on 26,000 participants.

25 to 30 hospitals of 13-14 states will be enrolled in this 3rd phase. If everything goes in positive manner, then covaxin can be the cure of Covid19.

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