College reopen 2021 date announced

This is the most awaited question of 2021- when will college reopen? However, the government has officially announced the date of the reopening of schools.

Read this post completely to know about the exact date of the reopening of universities and colleges.

The exact date of College reopen:

This year, students have to face a long protest against educational authorities. First, students were demanding to cancel the final exams of classes.

However, the final exams were canceled but the final year’s students have to appear in the examination. The results of students of 10th and 12th were prepared by the procedure of the base of the average mark.

After that, students of final years have to struggle with UGC. This was not the end, students were against the JEE and NEET exams but still, students have to appear in these examinations.

But now, the main question is when will college reopen? In some states, colleges and universities are open. But these higher educational institutions are opened only to take exams.

Schools reopening:

The government of Haryana has already announced that the students can go to school after 1st Febuary.

That’s why most schools that are not under the red zone have been reopened in Haryana. But the students of classes only 9-12th can go to school.

Schools are allowed for extra classes and doubt classes only. No school is teaching students by a proper time table.

college reopen

However, schools that are under the red zone are still closed as there is a high risk of COVID19 infection.

If we talk about higher education, then universities and colleges can be reopening after 15 October. The MHA ministry has said that colleges can be reopening after 1 Febuary 2021.

This reopening of colleges and universities has announced under the guidelines of unlocking 5. According to this report, the Central government has granted permission to reopen colleges and universities.

But this depends on the state government whether they will open colleges or not. This procedure of reopening of universities and colleges is very long and it can take time.

Till now, schools are not properly opened as only 9-12th classes are allowed. In many states schools have been reopened while some state government has not allowed the authority to open the schools.

COVID19 cases cause a delay in reopening:

The universities and colleges are teaching students online to cover the syllabus. But the impact of online classes is seen on social media. Students are trying to describe the problem of online classes by posting memes on social media. #collegereopen, #collegereopening has gained thousands of tweets in this period.

If the COVID19 cases are under control, then most chances are that colleges will be reopened after the 15th of October.

The final decision will be of the university and college’s authority. If there are large no of COVID19 in that area, then there will be fewer chances of college reopening. The main problem will be with hostlers.

Many universities and colleges have to open the hostels if they reopen colleges. There is a high risk of COVID19 infection in hostels. So, according to reports, the central government has announced to reopen the colleges but the final decision will be of authority itself and the state government.

Corona cases are less in North-east, so there are more chances of reopening colleges and universities.

Students have to sign an agreement letter too if they want to come to colleges and universities. Stay connected with Newssocial to get the latest updates about the reopening of colleges and universities.

frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1: When will reopen colleges?

Ans: According to the guideline of the central government, the college may be reopened after 15 October 2020.

Ques2: What date for the reopening of College neiah?

Ans: It depends on the state government to Meghalaya, however, Meghalaya has fewer corona cases. So, it can be open after 15 October.





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