#boycott Tanishq trending on twitter 2020

India’s one of the best jewelry brands Tanishq is facing the protest of people on social media. In the last 2 days, #boycottTanissq is trending on the number1 position on twitter.

Read this post to get all information about why #boycottTanishq is trending on social media and why people are trolling this brand on social media. 

Tanishq is one of the most popular jewelry brands in India. The owner of this brand is the TATA company. 

All this started with the latest advertisement for this luxury jewelry brand. In its latest post, the female model is pregnant.

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Boycott Tanishq:

According to the character play, the female model is Hindu by religion. But the main problem is with her religion.

The girl is pregnant and is married at a Muslim home. The people of the Hindu community in India are showing their anger against this ad.

People are saying that Tanishq is trying to destroy their culture. According to some Hindu people, this brand wants to promote the Love Jihad topic. This advertisement is now connected with the Love Jihad topic.

People are even saying that this brand can do not show any Muslim girls married in a Hindu family.

Due to this shameless act of Tanishq, people are trolling g this brand on social media. #boycottTanishq is trending on no1 position on twitter.

#tanishq, #tanishq_maafi_maang hashtag are also trending on twitter.

boycott Tanishq

Some users are also posting videos related to this controversy. People are saying that this jewelry brand is trying to insult the girls of the Hindu community.

Social media users are demanding that this brand should feel sorry for this shameless act.

However, no statement has given by the authorities of this brand.

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