Answers of Amazon Quiz 30th September 2020

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Before participating in the quiz, let us tell you how to participate in this exciting amazon quiz.

Open Google play store if you have an android mobile or if you have IOS then open the app store.

answers of amazon quiz
image credit- amazon

Download the Amazon app from the app store/ Play store.

After completing the download and installation, click on the login button.

You can log in by phone number or email id. Amazon will send you a verification code after entering the phone number/email id.

Complete the process and do not share your verification code/OTP with anyone except Amazon.

After successful login, this interface will open.

Answers of Amazon quiz
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Now, click on the fun zone from the menu bar.

Click on the game option

You can play this quiz on 12:00 pm

Amazon UV Sanitech Quiz Answers 2020

  • Here is the 1st question: What is the name of the product shown in the video?- Orient UV Sanitech
  • Here is the 2nd question: As per the video ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ in ABC of safety stands for?- Arrange, Box the object, Contain and Sanitize 
  • Here is the 3rd question: How long does sanitization take with orient UV Sanitech?- 4 Minutes 
  • Here is the 4th question: As shown in the video, What all items can be sanitized by using Orient UV Sanitech?- All of the above
  • Here is the 5th question: What is the hashtag used in this video?- #4minutestosafety

Answers of Amazon Quiz- Amazon Samsung M51:

answers of amazon quiz
image credit- amazon
  • Here is the 1st question: What is the capacity of the India’s leading smartphone battery in the Samsung, The #meanestmonsterever?- 7000 mAh
  • Here is the 2nd question: Which of the below is the meanest processor in the Samsung?- Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
  • Here is the 3rd question: The __ display in the Samsung is the first ever in the M series of the Samsung?- Super AMOLED Plus Infinity O- display
  • Here is the 4th question: How many mega pixels does the segment leading Intelli-cam of Samsung have?-  64MP
  • Here is the 5th question: The battery of the Samsung is__ fast charging?- 25 watt


These are the answers to all the questions of the amazon quiz. Read these answers carefully and answer them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the complete fee for the booking of the LPG cylinder on Amazon?

Ans: There is no fee for this quiz. Visit regular to get the answers of the Amazon quiz.

25th Feb Amazon Quiz Answers

Ans: Visit newssocial to get all the answers of the amazon quiz

Why does Amazon India app require to be installed each time you open it on an iPhone?

Ans: There is no such action required. Kindly check the setting of your iPhone properly.


क्या Amazon एंप्लॉय अमेज़न फ्लेक्स कर सकता है पार्ट टाइम?

Ans:इसके लिए आपको amazon के टर्म्स एंड कंडीशन्स को पड़ना पड़ेगा

अमेज़न पर इंडिया से बाहर भी ऑर्डर मिलता है क्या?

Ans:मिल जाता है, इसके लिए आपको एड्रेस डिटेल्स पड़ेगी

अमेज़न स्टोर कैसे खोले?

Ans: amazon अधिकारिओ से बात करके आप अपना अमेज़न स्टोर खोल सकते है. इसके लिए आपको कुछ नियम एव शर्ते माननी पड़ेगी

अमेज़न एक प्रकार की साईट का उदाहरण है?

Ans:अमेज़न एक e -कॉमर्स वेबसाइट है


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